We arrived in Mooera well before dawn. Sunrise was glorious; not quite as impressive as yesterday but that is a bit more related to the position of the ship with regards to the island. There were also significantly fewer up and about early. I waited this time till the worst of the rush was over before boarding the tender.

As you can see, most of the bays are actually what is left of a volcanic crater rim – so it becomes a natural harbor with risks only to those who are not smart enough to recognize the outer ring of surf for what it is. Those underwater ridges are now topped with coral making them even more dangerous to the unwary.

(about three hours later).

Well, that was interesting. The dock for the tenders is a small inlet. Local are about 45 houses and a few businesses, one local religious establishment, toilettes for the tourists and a number of shopkeepers set up on card tables under portable awnings and canopies. The major items for sale are printed cloth for paroes, pearls, and coconuts for drinking (complete with straw).

There was only one small cafe. If you wanted a beach – taxi or shuttle bus. If you wanted the other side of the island – taxi or shuttle bus. If you wanted regular stores or cafes – taxi or shuttle bus. In any case it took about 10 minutes to walk the entire area and I got on the next tender to the dustless and A/C of the ship.

which explains why you have no pictures at this point!

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  1. Bev Tilson says:

    I am really enjoying reading your posting every few days,you are sure having a wonderful trip.I visited Tahiti about 50 years so was interested what you told us.Went by boat over to Morea really loved this place.See you soon.

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