Missed one

I was being so good. Thought I had all of the UFOs, but I missed one.

You see, there was this baby sweater that I was going to knit for a baby. In fact the eldest was going to help me.  Out of a lovely cotton yarn, it was a simple hooded pull over.

Red and Blue

I thought I was being smart when I picked the larger size to knit since they are small for just so short a time.

I don’t even remember why it got put aside for a few days with the seaming just started and only the hood left to knit. The Eldest went off to college.

But those days turned into weeks, months and we probably moved a few times.

That little boy is well over 10 years of age and I don’t think he would be interested. Mano I think would forgive me in any case.

I can’t find the blue any longer which leaves me with a quandry. Finish it up with a red hood although the bottom and ends of the arms are blue? Finish it up with just red around the neck and hang the hood so that another baby gets a bright soft jacket?  Or just frog the thing?

One way or the other, I think that bamboo needle has been out of circulation long enough.

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