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Offspring –

Maus is doing well and a happy dance. So far she heard from two of the four schools on her “I am really interested” list. Both have accepted her. One, unsolicited also is offering her a significant Merit Scholarship. RISD and Parsons have yet to let her know. The other two schools (which she applied to because her parents asked her to) have sent her polite “no thank you” notes. Didn’t phase her a bit.
Military related –

1) got the survivor’s benefit briefing. No question – if you have a spouse who is significantly younger than you especially with small children – Survivor Benefit Program is the way to go. Think of an annuity that is calculated based on your retirement age and your years of service (which means that it is a retirement salary replacement for your pension for your spouse in case of your death). Now, if you are older, your spouse makes a good living with a retirement plan of your own and – most importantly – they are an older male – statistically you are going to out live them. This is not whole life. If they die first the only benefit you get is not having to make the monthly payment. There is a “child only” option which essentially provides for family members under 21 or till 23rd birthday if still in school. That one makes some sense, since it cuts off at the point where the youngest is no longer eligible to collect benefits.
2) no progress on getting the whole “retirement mess” straightened out. Talked to the ERMC IG this afternoon. I need to put this whole mess in writing and she will see what she can do.
3) picked up the last of the boxes I shipped and the Tuff Box. I think I have all but two items I have to turn in to CIF… now if I can manage to not lose them in the next month. Fact is, I think I am going to take them in next week just to be safe. Dropped of chocolate chip cookies to my favourite mailroom guy as a thanks.
4) Exercise is going decently – back again tomorrow morning. Yes – as several of you have asked – guilt and work ethic are alive and well
Mailing list –

Before I forget – if you want me to take you off the distribution – please let me know. Since starting the email distro in 1998 with my Balkan’s deployment this list has waxed and waned.  Dropping and adding people is not a problem, neither is use of the <delete>.
Starting March 2007, I added the “blog” part to the websites that I had put up the previous year. That means that I have been at it more than 4 years, around the 13th or so of this month. The first couple of years the anniversary was a big deal. Now I don’t even think about it. Humm – doesn’t that feel like birthdays and anniversaries in adulthood?
Off to write the epic of trying to retire from the army.
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4 Responses to Miscellaneous

  1. Isobel says:

    Sounds as though Miriam has a healthy attitude toward college acceptance. I can’t believe that she is old enough for college. When we first connected I think she was still in “pre-school.” Oh my.

  2. Alison says:

    Well now. How to bake your blog a birthday cake. Here you go

    My blog just wished your blog a happy birthday! Needs candles!

  3. Cat says:

    Oh well done Maus!

    As for you – I guess retirement will sort itself out. Dad says to remind you that you will probably find yourself very busy!

  4. Miriam says:

    It’s always nice when where you want to go coincides with “where they want you” AND the Merit Scholarship.

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