Miles to go

It wasn’t enough that the lovely drinks machine at MOT where I sat for around two hours was out of chocolate forcing me to make a maccachino with decaf rather than a chocochino (no, I can’t spell, what else is new? ) It wasn’t even that I had the dog jumping all over me, or that yesterday at work had been the usual Monday.

I fell off my promise of no deserts. You see, Sophia (I think I have the right twin) had made this lovely strawberry-peach crumble. I don’t need deserts and most of the time I don’t even like them. Perhaps a benefit of aging, but my liking for sweets, including chocolate, has really almost vanished.

But there was this crumble. With cream just sitting there in the pitcher.

The Crumble

The Crumble

The occasion was the monthly knit together with Brigitte (Scandinavian Knitting Designs) near Reading. It is a cross country journey to Spencer’s Wood along dark and winding country roads populated by dogs having free feed at trash bins put out early for morning pick up and disgusted locals who drive much faster than I.

I got to show off a few rows progress on Phoenix.

120 rows completed

120 rows completed

All of which made me not believe it this morning when I could not find my ID card. I had it in my hand coming through the gate. This morning it had vanished. The living room, bedroom and car were search and cleaned up to no avail.

I left, discouraged for work and later on to Blenheim Crescent in Ruislip to redo the vehicle registration. It pays to read the instructions. I didn’t. As a result, I didn’t have either my V5C form or proof of insurance. To add insult to injustice – HRM Customs and Tax people want 185£. Plus the 25£ it costs to get a new Keeper’s certificate to replace the one that has gone walk-about.

At least I found the fuel card so I didn’t run out of diesel or have to pay local prices out of pocket.

Knitting Stuff

I have had this wooly board for a long time, but wasn’t quite brave enough to use it. After hauling my Viking Ship Sweater in and out of the house several times in a vain attempt to get it dry (I really want to be wearing this sweater. It is not that I don’t love the Mermaid I had on today, but it wasn’t quite warm enough).

on the Wooly Board

on the Wooly Board

Sock Kit Drawing

Be it here by known that I am not expecting anyone to say nice things about either me or the blog. It is more that I like seeing comments (don’t we all?) and it leads me to other people’s neat projects and writings. Frankly, I am happy with a name! The more times you leave a comment, the more times your name will be on the spreadsheet for the random number generator to grab you.

And, speaking of sock kits – I found a third one. All three are from this year’s KnitPurl Club. Name yarns and cute patterns as well as a “treat” in each (card, project bag, crochet hook). See what a good person I am – I am not raiding the packages for the goodies…..

Audio Books

Book of Names by Karen Tintori and Jill Gregory. Another bargain pulled from Audiobookstand. It is a good, rapidly paced religious thriller (even if you have not a clue about Kabbalah, religious history or how you fly from London to Tel Aviv).

we are tired – just look —



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2 Responses to Miles to go

  1. Ruth says:

    I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have resisted a Crumble with cream, either! Phoenix is living up to it’s name, and I wish you would tell more about the Woolu board, as I’ve never heard of this before.

  2. teri says:

    omg too funny i am in knitpurl sock club too. don’t you love the extra goodies. i have knit two of the socks so far. i love the kits.


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