May Summary

It has been a good month.

My Jewel finished her Abitur with more than enough points, capping it yesterday with two oral exams. She packed up her stuff from boarding school this morning and I picked her up. I think everything landed in her room with the help of the bother then she crashed.

My Mole, after doing close to nothing for several days did a brilliant job on the junk closet in the kitchen. It is neat, clean, organized logically. We also made a dent in the third downstairs bedroom. After hauling out three bags of garbage (seems like more than one sib was just using it for a dumping ground) both sides of the clothing cupboard are now completely clean. Ms Soprano’s clothing is neatly in the one side, leaving the other for the Mole. The cupboards under the bed have been completely cleaned which only leaves two bookcases and half the floor.

The Eldest is working hard and Ms Soprano finished her last semester at Montgomery College (waiting for a confirm that she has her AA in Music.)

The studio is not as neat, but I am now making steady progress on the contents of boxes, cupboards, containers and bags rather than just piling them up. The bedroom has once again degenerated into laundry baskets and suitcases. That might just be because I have been on the road.

Heidelberg, New Orleans, Boston, Munich. Oh – and did I mention Germany, US, Honduras, Mexico, Belize, Austria, France and Monaco?

The City Sweater is almost finished. Polo, which I started on the plain has only two small sections to go.

Managed my first Board meeting by conference call, did some quick consulting and am grinding my way through the credentials process at Landstuhl.

Board? I don’t think so!

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2 Responses to May Summary

  1. Isobel says:

    Nope. Not you. Bored is not in your vocabulary. By the way, what are you doing? I mean “work wise.”

  2. Ruth says:

    What a busy retirment you are having! BTW…laughing long and loud at your typo which had a girl’s “bother” helping her. I know I often thought of my male sib in that language…:-)

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