March Madness

In my case does not have anything to do with College Basketball. In fact, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized that the month of March had anything to do with school sports or playoffs. The only two things important to me in March are birthdays beloning to my sister, The Mole, and Maus.

Then, a couple of years ago – Michelle of The SweetSheep in Canada challenged a bunch of us to knit a complete sweater during March – our own March Madness challenge.  In fact, I think it was in 2008 – so this will be my fourth year playing along.  We have a group blog on Blogspot (which I can’t get to from here). Right now there are four of us playing (I think it was seven the first year).

Ambitious this year – I am tackling a Hanne Falkenberg – Dacapo . Having substituted yarn before – doing it again – this time burgundy, cream and Navy (this is probably the easiest in which to see – grey=navy, and chestnut=burgundy).

For those of you who are familiar with HF – this is a lovely geometric construction knit in garter on 3 mm needles. I am not sure that I can finish it in three weeks (but then there are plane flights and redeployment and maybe a couple of days at home) but it will be fun to try.

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