Main Street, USA

Or, if not USA, then at least Madison, New Jersery. On the NJ rail that ends at Dover ( New Jersey? Delaware? No clue) you can find this particular town. From the train station to the greens to the small cheerful and trendy shops – it is the quintessential town as pictured by Norman Rockwell.

It may well be thought of the same way by those with enough money to live in the area and don’t mind being somewhere that the streets roll up at 1700 everyday. The contrast with the Lower East Side is astonishing. his might be trendy, but it is about as far away in feel and attitude from NYC as one can get while still being within easy commute. The 5 PM comment comes from walking by a really nice looking yarn store that was already closed by the time we got off the train and won’t open tomorrow till long after we are at the airport.

There aree a number of cute restaurants and diners, parks, and a bandstand for the upcoming evening music concert. We had stopped at the Shangai Jazz to grab take-away for dinner. While waiting for our food, I took the opportunity to grab a few photos which will not get posted till tomorrow, watch the musicians and be entertained by all the motorists unhappy with the blocked road. Yes, one block closed off and rows of folding chairs set up in the pavement which was obviously more than a few drivers could take. After all, forcing them to drive round the block to reach the road on the other side of the corner was asking for cooperation and imagination. Hello? This is New Jersey……

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

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2 Responses to Main Street, USA

  1. Isobel says:

    Oh my God! I know the area well. My parents lived in Short Hills and I worked in Madison for a while–Director of Student Activities at Fairleigh Dickinson U. Referred to by one and all as Fairly Ridiculous–which it was. We (Elly and I) lived in Springfield, NH then. It was a nice part of the State then and I gather it is still rather quiet.

  2. Cin says:

    Sounds so nice, Holly!

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