One of the Tagung traditions is that there is an official dinner at the end of the first day of the meeting. It doesn’t matter if you are speaking about the Medical BioDefence, Chem Defence or Rads Defence. All three Institutes hold that dinner for their respective conference. In the last few years, it has primarily been held at a Gasthaus that is within walking distance of the SanAk’s caserne.

Not this year. As dinners go – these are fine. Business civilian attire suffices and there are less than five minutes of speeches or announcements. It really is just a friendly dinner out with all the conference attendees. 225 of your best friends, when you add in the occasional spouse.

We were bused to Lustheim, just north of Munich. Of course, there is a castle – of the manor house variety.
Schloss Lustheim

Complete with moat. If you want me to add in the obligate picture of a swan swimming, I would be happy to oblige.
Schloss Lustheim

After dinner, I headed outside to see more of the castle grounds. The gate was closed. All I could do was read the directions sign while I waited for the bus back.

I supposed I could have walked

Never mind I slept last night like the truly burned out, at 2200 I was ready to finish catching up on my missed sleep.


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