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  1. Holly, sounds like a little good karma came your way! Hooray for leg room and free baggage!
    The only free baggage I ever seem to get, I have to carry with me and no one else wants it! 🙂
    Take care and safe travels!

  2. LOL….you certainly “cashed” in on that exchange! But seriously…one of things I love about travelling on SWA (my low-fare airline of choice) is that they STILL don’t charge for the first 2 bags. We also found out, that for military personnel, this is three free bags!

    As for over-seas flights…my fav so far are British Air and Aer Lingus. They put the American carriers to shame.

  3. Not to mention the flight attendants who are deadheading to their next assignment and claim space in the overhead bins for all their bags before paying customers can grab the space. As happened today on my flight from Atlanta to DC.

    Have a safe rest of your trip

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely cruise! I see Noah has cut his hair shorter – it looks good!

  5. In a few places I have seen the recommendation that people bring all their luggage to the gate, and then ‘volunteer’ to gate check as a way of beating the baggage charge. Neither the airlines nor the rest of us who pay our way are unaware. I only carry on what can get broken or can’t get lost – that would be my computer and camera, my meds, my knitting, and my lunch. The rest of it gets checked. Well, maybe a periodical, too.

  6. I agree completely. I am also happy to do free check-in of my clothing/working papers but not critical suitcase… Since I am travelling 6-8 times/yr on business, my luggage costs are covered. However, I would do anything other than fight for overhead space, I even reduced the size of my briefcase to avoid this “trauma.” Laptop was smashed by another passage in an overhead bin – do not want that experience again….

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