Long Day’s journey not with British Airlines

George was kind to me this morning. Considering that my back is recovering slowly from my latest bit of stupidity (hint – if you are going to do something non-intelligent  like yank an overloaded laundry basket off the floor it really helps to not be standing on the pair of blue jeans you are firmly gripping so that they don’t slide off the top. Some how the effect is something like – wham – the basket doesn’t lift  and the back goes zing/burn…..)

Back to the train. Getting dropped in Mannheim meant that I didn’t have to drag a suitcase from one track to another with only five minutes between trains. Instead, I could roll to the right track, take the elevator up and get on the waiting train with plenty of time to spare.

It was after I checked in with British Airways that things started to be challenging. About 15 minutes prior to boarding, I noted that my flight had disappeared off the gate and another flight was now using this particular area. Asking, I was informed that the flight was delayed. About two hours delayed which just about matched my connection time in London.

I headed back to the ticket counter (back through Passport Control and looking sadly at security as I passed. There were all these people checking in and dropping off bags, but no one at the actual ticket counter. Met this lovely woman working there. She agreed that I was not likely going to make my connecting flight and the later BA one was fully booked. Did I need to go to London?

Ah, no. I could skip London.

Couple of minutes of key clicking followed by – If I would like, she could rebook me onto United 933 and I could fly from Frankfurt directly to Dulles. Only catch is that the flight doesn’t leave till 1700.

Took me about no seconds to decide that was a much better deal and another 15 minutes for her to do all the involved paperwork.

British Airways is in Terminal 2. United is in Terminal 1. Finding them in the center section, they were happy to get me checked in and make sure that my bag was located and transferred to their flight. I turned down the chance to upgrade for 435E (that is a bit much) and would have happily done it for 15000 miles (a good deal) but they could not take Lufthansa Miles, only United Miles. (BTW, a friend on the west coast has been willing to offer me miles, but given the 9 hours of time difference by the time he was up and said it was cool I was already boarded and settled).

There is a Lufthansa Lounge in Terminal Z which I got to use.< The flight was fine but I didn't get in till 2030 and picked up the rental van at 2115 which means that it is closing fast on 2300.... According to my watch - it is fast approaching 0500 in the morning. That means I have been up for 23 hours. I think it might just be time to sleep. -Holly Wheaton, MD

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3 Responses to Long Day’s journey not with British Airlines

  1. Bill R says:

    It’s no wonder you’re so thin,,,

  2. Jan says:

    Now you will appreciate the error of your political ways. Winston Churchill once said, trying to tax yourself to prosperity is like a man (or in this case woman) standing in a bucket trying to pull him(her)self up by the handle.

  3. Ann says:

    So, you’re here in the US of A…for how long, and where will you be? Business or pleasure??? Ira’s in Florida this week, home for the weekend, and off to VA next week (I think).

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