Long Day

Ms Copper and I left the house before 0800, stopping at my office to pick up a my card reader before grabbing luggage and hiking to the train station.

Camberley to Ascot. Change trains. Ascot to Feltham, take a bus. Now, it looks like there are two buses to Heathrow. Not wanting to send the young lady off on her own – we both rode to Healthrow Central Station.

Down a couple of stories is a free train to T5. I waived her off, then escalatored back up to T2. And hung out and hung out. Knitting is good for not wasting time. So is listening to audio books.

By the time I reached Frankfurt, I had knit two kippahs, knit, frogged and restarted a third. I didn’t bother to take pictures. Waiting till the ends are woven in and they are blocked.

We caught the train to Mannheim, the connector to Heidelberg. It was raining. A lot, so I justified taking a cab to avoid a long hike in the rain.

And then there was the commissary run, the set up the computer, the HMEDDAC run to get a critical script for one of the teens, and the “does everyone have their passports?” drill. We will see how well on-line check in works (NW uses KLM, they wanted all sorts of information).

0600 in the morning is going to come awfully early I think.


There are some books which just might be more fun heard than read. Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword by Tee Morris is a case in point. Noir, circa 1929 and really pretty funny. Not for some who get easily offended by tacky language.


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