LIRR = Long Island Rail Road

With the usual oblivion of the non New Yorker, I knew that Long Island was east of Manhattan. I knew that there were various towns and communities, but had no clue nor needed one on the actual geography. Somewhere “out there” was completely good enough.

Imagine my horror and anxiety this morning when I went to Penn to take the LIRR to visit friends. the station is loud, chaotic and not user friendly. Oh, it is easy enough to by a ticket, but trying to figure out a train schedule or a time table for any stop which is not the end of the line is close to impossible. Kind of like driving in Europe when you don’t know the names of the intermediate cities to your destination.

Funny thing, the LIRR bears a significant resemblance to the train system of England with minimal signage and a tendency to post the tracks only minutes before the train actually is ready to depart. According to the woman at the information window – they simply don’t know. Not a security feature (for our safety and convenience) but rather an attempt to keep the trains on time and not have outbound delayed by problems with an inbound train.

I headed out of town, watching all of those who were inbound to visit friends in New Hyde Park. Like me, we are all getting a bit older. Even considering that Mark and I met when both in Bosnia (1998) – he with SF and me with TF Med Eagle, I have to admit that the years, while treating us kindly, have added to our joints and hair color.

They have a house set on a nice street and filled with all those things (clutter) that normal people (who are not having to keep the place neat for showing) have. There are those places which are worth lots (see complaints about Monaco) and then those where I feel right at home, not having to worry about where I sit or helping myself to coffee or water.

Then, of course, there was Belle – a Hurricane Katerina rescue pup.



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4 Responses to LIRR

  1. Carmen says:

    Lovely Belle. Glad you are enjoying.your freedom!

  2. Mary says:

    LIRR to New Hyde Park?! For a while, I used to take the train from Mineola or East Williston but then I found someone who let me “rent” their driveway (I gave them spare keys for my car, to move it prn) so I cld take a faster train from Manhassett. Thoughts of you traipsing around Penn and the trip to New Hyde Pk, brought a smile to my face!!

    So how much longer are you in my old neck of the woods? I hope you are having a great time!!

  3. Berg says:

    Beautiful pup and the LIRR was never user friendly

  4. Steve says:

    Uh…you think THAT’S BAD?
    You could have driven out on the Long Island Expressway, better known to locals as “The World’s Largest Parking Lot”…..
    ’nuff said…..

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