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Lights on the stairs — 4 Comments

  1. OWWW on the dropped stitches! But I was afraid I was going to be reading
    about a dropped Holly by the end–glad you’re okay!

    And yeah, I can’t knit dark stitches on dark needles especially in poor
    light anymore.

  2. I’d be afraid of falling. Especially without a rail. A friend of mine
    at church fell on a stairway without a rail, suffered pretty severe
    TBI, ended up on disability. We actually installed a railing in our
    house stairwell to the basement for this reason. Carry laundry up and
    down a dim staircase with no rail? No thank you. LOL! I do feel much
    safer with even a light railing.

  3. Yes…I’ve noticed the ‘atmosphere’ lighting in many eateries getting a bit low. I’ve also started to notice some older folks carrying the small LED flashlights to read menus. I think I may do that as well. The problem is often not just insufficient photons bouncing off the print, but to a larger extent, the idea of ‘lets fancy the menu up a bit’ which often consists of printing the menu (black print) onto an imaged background. When you print BLACK onto a slight lighter shade of color, the relative contrast DECREASES, bottom line, you can’t see. It drives me nutty. Glasses don’t necessarily help either.

  4. So if you are using this to explain dropping stiches in your shawl, are you saying that you’ve taken multi-tasking to new heights??! Are you knitting and doing the stairs in the dark?!!!

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