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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day ! I hope you and Shana are celebrating – and having a great cruise. Based on your earlier photos, she must be having a great time making pictures.

  2. There are NO friendly camels.

    Unlike donkeys or cattle, Camels cannot truly be said to be domesticated.

    They resent humans of all shades unless they make no demands upon them and allow them unfettered access to forage. Then they ignore them, which is as close to love as it gets with those beasts.

  3. Sounds fantastic – Lanzarote is on my “to do” list. It is a great favourite with geologists. I have a piece of rock from Lanzarote in my conservatory – it is a beautiful sparkling piece of pale-green olivine and is part of the Earth’s mantle, thrown up from more than 60km below the surface by the force of a volcanic eruption.

    I seem to remember from being in India that there is no such thing as a friendly camel. At best you will get one that is haughty and aloof, and regards carrying passengers (or any other load) with disdain but most tend towards bad temper and uncooperativeness. But they are fantastic animals and superbly “designed” for the environment in which they operate. I would guess that they are not native to Lanzarote?

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