Lastrada – reprise

Remember I told you that I had started this sweater while living in the UK and showed you the pictures of the first side. For that matter, I was a number of rows into the second half.

Picking it, I counted out the stitches for the three sections just to make sure I was on track. It was at that point that I made a rather ugly discovery: I was well on the way to knitting a second right half. You read correctly; for some reason I had not been paying attention, or misread the directions. Even though the colors are not the same, the directions are basically reversed so that the long side is in the back and the shorter side in the front.


This morning – with a whole sea day ahead of me, I started the second half over again.

Then, after casting the black on and reuniting to the same location as before, I realised where I had gone wrong. Rather than count 427 stitches, I had counted the first section, placed the marker, counted the second, placed the second marker, then cast on the last section. Hello? This is what I did the last time: the cast on is completed, then the markers position is determined from the end of the cast on, not the beginning. The end is in the back, not the front. Or, conversely, if I do it the way I had just done – I have a second verse same as the first.


right color combination -one row off.....

right color combination -one row off.....

All of this may explain why I took a knitting break from Lastrada, going back and working on the remaining test knit I have promised – the Taj Mahal shawl for a few hours.

Not wanting to be chasing small beads around the lounges – I decided that one of the winged shawls from Vivian Hoxbrø was in order. Or a couple of Victorian era Capelets – or both…..

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