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  1. “agglutinative morphology” — now there’s a term you don’t get to use everyday.

    Of course, when my hubby used to drive his 1969 Camaro onto post in Heidelberg the guards would say “there’s something you don’t see every day,” and hubby’s response was always, “Well I do.”

  2. Ummm, I know what you are going through. Finnish is related to Hungarian…Finno-Ugric to be precise. And I studied and spoke Hungarian; all those suffixes. Note the past tense there, it has almost disappeared from my brain, except for tongue twisters and food. And it didn’t help me a bit in Finland, either.

  3. This probably means my total Finnish vocab will be stuck at sauna, ufda and shiksa. Just let me say, Welsh is pretty screwy too. I left my flash cards and home, and probably shouldn’t have.

  4. Hey I can count to four in Finnish – and it has to be better than Burmese (my current grouch). Welsh is all right if you understand the mutation process.
    But – trust you to find yarn Holly!

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