If you are not aware, there is a Lace Store and Museum in Berkeley.

I have seen the adds and notes on Lacis for years, but it had never struck through to me that it was accessible. When Ruth

of ScrabbleQueen fame

of ScrabbleQueen fame

agreed to head into the area (trains are actually possible)

yep, Amtrak!

yep, Amtrak!

After finding out that Article Pract opens at 1100 (finally found a nice cafe and coffe/tea with a couch for knitting) we cruised through there before arriving at Lacis not long after it opened.

Besides having an extensive historical (and recreation) pattern section, they also have threads, hundreds of books and vintage lace, shoes and clothing. Not only the customer service is terrific, but we got a personal tour of the current exhibit on historical underthings.

(which means you now get pictures!)

You need to visit if you are in the area. If not now, then Sept-Feb when they are having an Estonian Lace exhibit.

At the end of the day – I went back to the courtyard where we had lunch and waited for the DH who was kind enough to take me to K2tog where I found a wonderful yarn shop with extensive yarns (and very little overlap with Article Pract) where I finally found some lovely red…..

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2 Responses to Lacis

  1. Ruth says:

    Oh good! You found your red….I was hoping for Purlescence for you…I haven’t made it there yet either, and I live a good bit closer…

  2. ruth says:

    Hi, Holly; Hi, Ruth,

    I’ve been MIA for weeks now, but might be back in the swim of things. I bet you 2 had the best time at LACIS! I wanna go, too.

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