La Palma

It was raining. Not a light, mild rain but the kind of cold driving coming from the side that soaks you whether or not you have an umbrella.

Raining enough that water was creating streams down the sides of the nearest hills, cutting channels into what had been dry land. Raining enough that my socks were soaked by the time I had gone more than 50 meters from the ship.

Always the optimist, I figured that there had to be some place to go and see even in the rain while being secretly glad I had not signed up for any tours.

The town is constructed of stone. Stone building fronts, plaster covered stone fronts. Cobbles for streets and obvious volcanic origin rock all around.

I did mention that it was raining didn’t I? I don’t think that this particular part of the Canaries ever got some of the EU memos. Or perhaps it is the thought of being a free port that says you are free of regulation. In any case, there were so many smokers in the free locations that even mentioned WiFi that it became a non-issue for me.

In stead, after wandering down a few more streets and alleys

I decided to take my cold soaked self back to the ship. Sorry that I did not get to see more of the city but still thinking that it would be smart to get dried out. Sloshing all the way back (well, it was less than a mile but still) I stumped up to my room, put on a swim suit and headed to the hot tub. After about an hour I no longer felt cold.

My clothes were still dripping water in the bathroom. Good question now – how long was it going to take for everything to dry?

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