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  1. Sorry about the cancellation of your cruise out of Alaska, but I’m am SO HAPPY for you that you are getting a chance to do all these cruises and seeing so many places.

    I do enjoy reading your travelogs.

    I’ve enjoy what little cruising I’ve done and if I didn’t have so much going on here, I’d probably be doing the same thing you are doing.

    I hope you are able to continue enjoying cruises for a long time to come -sure beats planning meals, cleaning house, mowing grass etc.!

  2. Small world, this cruising. My neighbours and good friends here will be on the Radiance 26 Aug – 6 Sept. for the Alaska cruise (finishes in Vancouver). They are planning to then travel to Jasper and tour around for a week.

    Sorry to hear about the disruption to your plans – hope that something gets sorted out without too much difficulty. I agree, though – chilling out for a while in Hawaii wouldn’t be a bad way to pass the time.

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