It was a tender day. The bay looked completely placid but turned out not so once everyone attempted to board the tenders. Being as they were on the sea side of the ship the waves seemed determined to toss around the lifeboats along with the people who were trying to board.

I decided the day for me was going to be simple – coffee, internet and shopping.

And nothing fancier on the shopping other than postcards, sunblock (my husband had it in his backpack. Somehow I don’t think he needs it as badly in Switzerland than I do in Hawaii) and maybe some stamps.

I found The Coffee Bean where I only have to log in once an hour, had a pumpkin latte and am now headed to the local box store.

Photos have been added for a few earlier days. Expect the rest of yesterday’s as well as todays at some point tomorrow.

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  1. Colin says:

    When you get to Oahu, you might want to take a drive out to Barbers Point NAS. Tour the Naval Air Museum. I was stationed there as you well know. It looks like the Reserves use it now. Google Earth Street View brings back memories for me.

    By the way, Happy Birthday!

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