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The three seasons again today. We had crisp and cold, we had snow and sleet which morphed into rain. Sun managed to break through only a couple of times. The DS came in by train. He negotiated the train station crossing in Paris with little difficulty. Some how, I don’t think any of us really thought about it. Taking the Chunnel is like taking a plane. Security, immigration added to the hassles of Paris.


At those times when you live by yourself, taking photos of a sweater on gets to be a challenge. Seems like you are limited to you, your camera and a mirror. Or you, your camera and a tripod if you have a lot of time.

Back of Ms Greyjeans

In the first case, you need a sunny day. May I remind you that I am in the UK where sun seems to be at a premium right about now? In the second, a lot of time and patience to get the proper angle.

Front of Ms Grayjeans

I finished up the vest except for the button loops. I am not doing them until I find the right buttons. And frankly, it may be finding a Fimo/Sculpy addict to make me the right buttons.
vspace=”4″ hspace=”4″
Front of the Blue Stripped Shawl-Collared Vest

While I was at it, I took pictures of the Red Kimono Vest from Rowan.

Red Kimono VestRed Kimono Vest


This is my last pair for the 52-Pair Plunge. Translates to– I have knit half a sock short of 52 pairs of socks since 1 April of last year. I have been good this year about not leaving socks on needles, nor do I have any orphan socks.
Chain Link Pattern in Wild Berry - first sock

and on to the second sock to the heel flap.

and a sock and a half of the Chain Link Berry

BTW – Cold weather seems to be plentiful. I really like Ms Grayjeans, it spent the rest of the day on me. As it turns out, the fabric is a bit lighter than I would have thought. It certainly was comfortable underneath a blazer and my arms stayed warm!


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  1. Ruth says:

    OOOO, I love how the vest turned out!

  2. ruth says:

    Oh those lovely vests! You pattern?

    Hey, look at this, you have 2 replies from a Ruth!

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