Knit and Sun

Can you think of a more lovely way to spend an afternoon?

There is Geollyn who braved the stares from other men walking by. There is Lia, Erica of the wonderful shawl, Julie (who you would never believe has been knitting for only three weeks), Donna (from Adelaide), Veronika (Bensheim -> Wales really soon now), Diana (who was kind enough to take a whole lot of yarn off my hands for charity knitting), and Cornelia – working on a mystery shawl. Of course, I could well have missed someone, and the names are not in the order of seating….

Café Maximo is a lovely place to sit outside in sun for most of the afternoon. What started as a 1400-1600 meet-up once a month last year or the year before is evolving into a weekly meet-up of whomever can make it, lasting how long people can stay.

I managed to pass along a good size bag and a half of yarn odds and ends to new homes, much of it headed to charity knitting, completed 10 cm more on the vest, devoured both nachos and some good Käseküchen, and managed to get home while it was still light.

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2 Responses to Knit and Sun

  1. Geollyn says:

    Ooo! WordPress told me I had an incoming link… How wonderful!

    My name’s Daniel, in realz – just if you wanted to know.

    What a wonderfully positive post about us though! And how happy we all look 🙂

  2. calum nairn says:

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