Ketchikan — 6 Comments

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for your back to heal VERY fast and give you and George a chance to waltz on the ship.

  2. Loved Ketichan – temperate rain forest. Rains about 300 days a year, but is so beautiful I dont think anyone minds…Had a great time in the craft and art shops, too. My son in law’s mother, Susan Seddon Boulet was an artist whose work is very popular in Alaska. We walked into a store in Skagway and there was an entire wall devoted to her art, and she died in 1997. Susan painted native peoples and particularly Shamen and healers. While she was from Brazil, she was very inspired by the Northwest, especially near the end of her life. You may see some of her work while you are traveling

  3. Looks just lovely, Holly. And it also looks like you found some good places to visit. You can just park yourself in yarn shops at each stop. Your knitting will profit!

    And you can see a lot of beauty from the ship.

  4. So awesome!
    Too bad you won’t get to see my “handy work” up in Fairbanks …heh heh heh
    AK is a great place to be…I love the endless days during summer.

    Best wishes to you and George

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