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Jury Duty? — 4 Comments

  1. I have often thought they could make more use of modern technology for some legal issues. As for jury duty neither of you should be expected to do it even in more “normal” times. If you feel you can and want to do it then fine but requiring people in certain medical groups to do it is not wise.

    • Supposedly, he was on the “permanently excused list.” At least that is what they told him last fall. Obviously, there was a drop between the contact and the information getting in the system…

  2. Perhaps this is one of your sci-fi scripts: computers have taken over the humans. The computers order the humans to attend jury duty and tell them where they should be and what they should be doing.

    Either that or ….

    The computers support Donald Trump and his mandate to have everyone in the US back to work by mid-April.

    Both are ugly scenarios…..

    Stay safe and well!!!

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