Jumping off

Guess who remembered the change to Day Light Savings time early this morning when her alarm – powered by the cell phone went off. Looking at my watch, it was 0500 so I went back to sleep. A significant number of minutes later I headed downstairs and checked email. I had lots of time. Friend was picking me up at 0845. I was fine, right? After all, my watch said 0730.

Happening to glance up at the computer data line in the middle of doing email.  0830, which you had already figured out. Dashing through the shower, I was partly dressed when Beverly rang the bell and managed to get us out of the house only 10 minutes behind.

We were headed to Sunningdale Train Station as the first stop on our way to ExCel Center for the

Best of Britain and Ireland Show 2009

where we spent the day visiting booths, entering drawings for free weekends, and collecting literature and freebies. While we were at it, we watched main state performances (Rabbie Burns performace, a few pipers, a really good folk duo – The Dealers.

And then there are various persons wandering in costume

top hat and gladiator

top hat and gladiator

(I missed Henry VIII and several others of the formal dress variety).
Besides booking tours, seeing flyers from all over the country, you were also invited to rent what you needed for parties

watching the Mama Mia! performers

watching the Mama Mia! performers

Or listen to an indoor pool while learning about a great website that monitors the road conditions across the country (those pesky construction zones, speed cameras and accidents just waiting for you to join the queue.


I am making progress – knit out of Panda multicolored silk on 3.25 mm needles, I now have 14 of 19 repeats completed at the end of the day

silk is shiny

silk is shiny

shows the pattern a bit better.


is literally the old dock area of London, now under major gentrification. The loading cranes can still be seen, but more as objects d’art than as useful working machinery.

against the sky

against the sky

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2 Responses to Jumping off

  1. Melinda says:

    The cow kills me. Do all successful parties need a cow statue or just the rural ones? Would a real cow do just as well? 😛

    It does look like an interesting exhibition.

  2. Angeluna says:

    It takes weeks for my body to adjust to Daylight Savings. It seems to come earlier every year. Plus you have to remember to change every single clock and watch in the house, or I guarantee that the one you are going by is the one you forgot to move forward.

    I’m with Melinda, what’s with the cow? The docklands are interesting. I was involved with the World Trade Center project that was part of the renovation of St. Catherine’s Docks, so I saw the before and after. Tremendous history involved in that site. A friend lived in the renovated pilot’s house on the point, looking right out at London Bridge. It was quite splendid.

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