It took 40 Minutes

I got up early. My intention was to drive to Richmond and back before the traffic got horrible. The 42 km took 40 minutes; on a Sunday morning before 0800 without traffic. This does not bode well for doing this anytime during the week. Driving this during rush hour, ie. mornings is completely out of the question. The train, by contrast takes 50 minutes on weekday mornings.

After all of that, the gates were locked, so all that you can see is the don’t enter sign.


Across the street is the bus stop – aptly named the Fox and Duck


Speaking of ducks – back on RMAS

we have the strangest ducks which obviously show up any time they think food might be in the offering.


Oh, you want to actually see them without the picture wiping out the screen?


The ladies are polite, but he is a nasty hissing character, looking for more than his share.


Making progress on the Blue Faced Leicester.



The first Silver Streak is complete


A few rounds more on the Skull Wrist warmers. Long arms are the boring part of the knitting.

Viking Sweater

And a few more rows on the Viking Sweater. Being into the mountains, it is taking quite an effort to stay on row.

Audio Books

Acts of Malice by Perri O’Shaugnessey

who now only needs to figure out why the heat decided to shut itself off.

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