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It takes at least four degrees — 14 Comments

  1. With a no-dairy daughter coming home in a few weeks, this is good to know! And thank you for the laugh.

    Remembering the visiting Chinese student who marveled at ours, 30 years ago, a gift from my mom, going, What you call this thing! Where I buy it!

  2. Happy to see you’re getting back into this homemaking thing . . . regardless of the four university degrees. And I’ll bet the soup still tasted good; homemade is always best!

  3. Bob – but that implies that I ever did anything remotely resembling homemaking in the first place!

  4. ….. BUT I am not into the business of kitchen gadgets on the whole – a sharp knife seems to be the most useful implement of all. Is it worth getting that domesticated that you can use endless gadgets? I doubt it. I would rather write, read or knit.

  5. I like to start with the recipe and adjust from there-it is another version of reading directions :). It still sounds good!

  6. I prefer pumpkin & potato. Since I can’t easily cut the pumpkin I roast one whole then scoop out the flesh – MUCH easier!

  7. Food processors are actually incredibly useful once you get the hang of it. Really speeds things up. This coming from someone whose food processor burned up 20 years ago. But I find I cook a lot less now. Perhaps I need to buy another one?

  8. I worked at a deli in Vermont while getting my bachelor’s – one of our customers favorite was the homemade carrot-orange soup – think it was a cold pureed soup – I liked it surprisingly. I remember it started off w/slicing carrots, sautéing in butter, adding chicken stock and then pureeing w/orange juice…now that you brought it to mind, I believe I’ll see if I scratched down that recipe somewhere.

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