It really drys

After months of running the dryer five or six times to get a load to acceptable dryness, I have finally given up. I could repair it, but the cost is prohibitive. For now, it has a new home in an outside shed.

Old Dryer

Old Dryer

Taking a deep breath, and after not being able to get through on the phone, I stopped at the Housing Facilities Warehouse at RAF Croughton. It is all the way to the back of the base, around everything from the golf ball farm to the playing fields. Driving up, the sign on the door gives Thursday afternoon hours till 1500.

It is 1452.

Entering, this lovely lady asks how she can help then prints out all the relevant paperwork. She had only a couple of questions. Blower or Condenser? Do you want to take the dryer with you or have it delivered?

Condenser, thank you very much. How much does it weigh? Will it fit in the back of my van?

Under 30kg, and yes – we should be able to slide it into the van without problems.

After arriving home upon completion of all the rest of my errors, the Mole and I unloaded it. He unpacked it, plugged it in, and slid it into place.

New Dryer

New Dryer

Isn’t it pretty? It drys like a dream. Now to start rewashing all those slightly off odour clothing and household linens….


Re-reading my way through the Liaden Universe series. They might be around somewhere in paperback – I read most while downrange in 2003-2004. Downloaded from Baen, it is such a simple way to read.

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