It might be spring!

There was sunshine today. The window washer was by yesterday on a cherry-picker. The view is rather a nice one.
out the office window

Out on the grounds – the set up for next week’s Sovereign’s Day Parade seems to be complete.
parade grounds

The geese are out in pairs
canadian geese

and my garden is starting to bloom. There are buds on trees which I thought were dead.
Old Treetree buds
spring is here


After all those socks, I had been thinking about quick and portable projects. You see, I aways have sock yarn left. Sock yarn is just the right weight. Both Jen Tocker and Caroline (Soxpixie) have free patterns. Kippahs to match my socks, that would be nice.
Kippah 1 - knit in the round on dps
Knit in the round on dps (why use a circular and have to go to dps anyway for the decreases?) starting with 120 stitches. Eight pattern rows, a couple of garter ridges and then the decreases. Easy as pie!
Bowls are great for blocking
blocking yarmulka one
The British have these lovely places called airing cupboards. Even with the heat turned off, this small room is still warm and dry.
Matching Cherry Hill Socks
Sitting with those matching Cherry Tree Hill Wild Berry Chain socks.


Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper from the library. The latest in her FBI Special Crimes Unit series.
The Last Twilight by Marjorie M Liu in paperback. A Dirk & Steele, set in Africa.


Simple Arch

Even a simple view from the back of FASC has sun and green.


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