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It is NOT Saturday! — 5 Comments

  1. This is a feeling I definitely recognize and sympathize with. I will
    not pester you, just wishing you the best, energy, and a few miracles.
    Trust that you are in God’s hand. Sometimes there is just no other way
    to look at things. ((hugs))!

  2. .this proves that you are slowly shifting into retirement mode. Happens to me once in a while, still happens to Deb at least once a week. Pretty soon you’ll see it happening more and more often, but more so on weekdays. It’s the ‘What Day is it’ syndrome, it is not cureable…enjoy.

  3. Considering where you are and what your life has been like lately, you’re entitled to mix up a day or two, (((Holly)))!

  4. I know the feeling; it seems like I spend at least ten hours a day every duty day giving my job my level-headed best and the list only gets longer.

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