It is NOT Saturday!

It struck me about 1100 this morning that today is Friday, not Saturday. The long list of everything I needed to do prior returning to Craig Joint Theater Hospital for another run of PDHAs did not need to be finished in the next hour. I have (minus the time for a promotion ceremony) untill 1700.  

Somehow the two days have gotten blurred together in my mind. Sometimes I think that the Battle update is this morning, other times I know it is tomorrow. I did get a solid six hours of sleep last night which was excellent. (If those jets flew 100 feet over my head, I obviously did not hear them).   My panic level has dropped a bit, and I have managed to shovel out two of my desk drawers while steadily making my way through the projects which have piled up in my in-box. My to-do prior to departing theater has now stretched beyond the length of my arm. This is one time when being an ostritch would really bite me.  

So anyway, I have this list of about 30 critical items none of which seem to change. None of which I can manage to finish. And, my retirement orders were wrong and still need to be fixed.  

Any who – I have sometime this afternoon, prior to noon tomorrow, then I hit the road again till the end of next week.

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5 Responses to It is NOT Saturday!

  1. Pat says:

    This is a feeling I definitely recognize and sympathize with. I will
    not pester you, just wishing you the best, energy, and a few miracles.
    Trust that you are in God’s hand. Sometimes there is just no other way
    to look at things. ((hugs))!

  2. Carmen says:

    My sister has pointed out that it is the New Moon – hang in there

  3. Steve says:

    .this proves that you are slowly shifting into retirement mode. Happens to me once in a while, still happens to Deb at least once a week. Pretty soon you’ll see it happening more and more often, but more so on weekdays. It’s the ‘What Day is it’ syndrome, it is not cureable…enjoy.

  4. Steven says:

    Considering where you are and what your life has been like lately, you’re entitled to mix up a day or two, (((Holly)))!

  5. Cheryl says:

    I know the feeling; it seems like I spend at least ten hours a day every duty day giving my job my level-headed best and the list only gets longer.

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