Would you believe I now have working internet at the office?

Between other things, I updated Ravelry today with the projects that I had both started and finished while essentially off-line.

At the same time, it looks like the delivery people attempted to drop off my new router. But of course, I am never there during the day. We will see how they respond to a “drop it off at the neighbors, or the porter’s desk – just don’t make me come and get it” message.

I also felt a bit better about dealing with BT today after talking with one of the faculty members at the RMC. She has been fighting with her broadband provider for the last year. She has service, but they don’t provide a router disk that is compatible with Vista. Now I don’t think that is a loss, but she is stuck. When I pointed out that there are a couple of solutions she looked at me.


Well, you could kill Vista (my vote) or I can loan you a laptop that has WinXP on it. You set up the router, and after that you won’t need to fuss with it.

Total amazement. Note, tech support by this IP provider has not given her any worthwhile ideas other than ….we don’t support Vista.

Viking Sweater

And it is picture time!


to use the local measuring system, I am over 15″ up the front.


At the same time, my portable project


is progressing rapidly. I should finish up the second sock with ease tomorrow.

Audio Books

Finished up The Eleventh Hour, and now will probably go next to Riptide (both by Catherine Coulter). Unless I get too distracted by the ability to go on line.


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  1. amanda j says:

    Yay for being online! I am going to head over to Ravelry and look at your updates.

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