Independence Day

It wasn’t until the crew called from Germany that I even remembered that today is the 4th of July, US Independence Day.

After all, it is not exactly a day to celebrate in the UK. One more colony gone off on its own.

Perhaps it is fitting that I am preparing to leave on Independence Day. At least I kept singing that song in my head while I am sorting, tossing and finding homes for various things. The freezer contents, baking supplies and misc condiments went to an American friend. Anita had taken a number of things with her yesterday. One of the officers down the road cheerfully accepted the six bottles of wine left in the house.

Over the course of the day, I managed to finish my bedroom, the living room and the rest of the dining room. Hauling loads of trash and recyclables out, the cans are full.

Wild Life

My back garden has turned into a veritable jungle with partridge snacking on the grain.

but not holding still long enough for me to get the camera

followed by Master Fox making a visit

I almost missed him drifting across the yard

contemplating if there is anything worth stealing

and hiking off in disgust at my failure to provide some kind of tasty treat

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