In the fog

In the fog

We sailed across smooth seas into oceans of white extending from the heavens above us to the water barely visible 20 meters from the ship. The far horizon just off the front bow.

It made sense as we headed on a southerly course from Southampton around the Southern English coast before changing our bearings to pass Wales. Being surrounded by fog I mean. Once past Ireland I was hoping for clearing but instead we were hearing a steady call from the ship’s horn as we proceeded in the fog.

The temperature dropped steadily as we headed north leaving behind the 20s and rapidly returning to the single digits of my last couple of ventures north.

The day itself held the usual ship oars entertainments including the fitness Center, scrapbooking, more food than anyone could possibly eat and a Welcome Back party featuring …. You guessed it – more food plus free drinks. It wasn’t the roast beast or pseudo sushi that caught my eye, it was the Crepes Suzette

Otherwise I relaxed, read two books and knit.



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2 Responses to In the fog

  1. Alison says:

    I’m curious: temperatures in Fahrenheit, right? I was just thinking how American that sounded. (Said the woman who would have to go look up what the Celsius equivalents are: boiling and frozen I know, but.)

  2. Lynne L says:

    Sounds like a delight….all except the falling temperatures.

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