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  1. I too am glad you are in a fixed building. And I sympathize with those who are in tents.

    And I promise not to complain again that I don’t sleep well in my totally silent bedroom with lots of pillows and no dust.

    • oh, go ahead and complain about not being able to sleep. I have good excuses here, but will have to think of some other reason to complain once I am home!

  2. Idiots indeed.

    So, one wonders. Do they realize their effectiveness? Are they doing this because they are on the payroll? Or they just hope that 1 out of 50 or whatever the % hits something/someone. Where does their junky stuff come from? Where does the money for their junky stuff come from? Whose selling them junk, and is that on purpose? Is it real junk or is that the best a pre-modern without literacy can do? Will they keep doing this during the winter, or do they go home for the season? (Oh, yes, and why are we still there. That question.)

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