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Pat sent this link to me from the New Yorker. In a very clear way, Jared Diamond makes his point about governments, tribal societies and personal/governmental roles. I have always found him to be excellent in his writings in Anthropology, using the material to make a good assessment of the current political scene.

For those of you who are having trouble understanding why the US policies are not working in the Middle East, I would strongly recommend his books and articles


In the regular mail came this from Australia.

Program book for the Beanie Festival

Hint – a beanie apparently refers to headgear in general, and not just those with propellers on top.

The Alice Springs Festival is coming up.  Kathryn sent me the program book to remind me that there are otherthings besides yarmulkas to knit. Even so, one has to wonder at the number of geographically different that have independantly developed essentially the identical headgear.The non-art versions that is.

And then there is this from Jen –

110 yards of Quivit

Lovely, brown and 110 meters just looking to become a soft and gentle project. Lace scarf I am thinking to make it go the farthest. Or perhaps a cowl? Needs just the right pattern….


Read Died in the Wool by Mary Kruger (aka Mary Kingsley). A bit light in the character development and with some gaping holes in plotting, I still found this cozy a fun and quick read. The wrap up was fine, leaving you wanting the next story in the series.

On the last CD of High Country by Nevada Barr. I appreciate a protagonist who is not in her 20s… Call me shallow, but my book tastes have been changing as I, too, have gotten older.


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2 Responses to In-box

  1. amanda j says:

    Hi Holly! Yes, we wear beanies and to be honest I have never seen one with a propeller on top!

    I can see everything clearly now. The blog looks great both in explorer and firefox! Fantastic and much more personalised.

  2. ruth says:

    Wow, new blog! Spiffy and very inviting. You clearly need a propeller!

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