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If you don’t get it – just skip this post. The photos are from both today and Monday.

You see, on Monday I cruised a few (well, more than four) yarns stores as well as some locations that carried trims, buttons and the like. Today I was meeting The Yarnarian at Penn Station and we were going to look for trims (she has become a bit distracted from PennyRose Yarns in favor of sewing doll clothes). I was going to be the person in jeans wearing wire rim glasses knitting outside the station entrance  and she was going to be the tiny person lost in the crowd. Given that we agreed to meet at a location which, as it turns out, does not exist, I am still amazed that we found each other. Perhaps it was the combination of the knitting and grey hair?

Anyway – we spent the rest of the morning (and perhaps more than intended) in the Japanese book store looking at book after book of wonderfully illustrated knitting, crocheting, and patchwork ideas. Illustrations are excellent for all of us who do not read Japanese. After lunch at an Indian Buffet, we then cruised for trims and never got the yarn stores at all.

I am hoping Ruth managed to get home safe and dry – the temperature started to drop on the hike back to the hotel. I had not been back all that long before the skies opened up, allowing me to watch a steady stream of soaked pedestrians scrambling to get somewhere in a hurry.

Monday’s Knit Stores

School Yarns

School Yarns

Ok, color me amazed that a store can be several floors up in a secured building (1201 Broadway) and have any business at all. Quiet – this particular store carries high end and a wonderful selection of luxury yarns. School Products Yarns claims to be the oldest yarn store (60 years) in the city.

Habu Textiles

Habu Textiles

Located in the same building – Habu is what you buy if you want serious quality in yarn made of strange things – wire, paper, steel, linen wrapped with ….. you get the idea. Not for the faint of heart, but wonderful quality on cones.

Gotta Knit

Gotta Knit

Is located at 14 East 34th, take the elevator to the 5th floor. Warm, friendly, it is also tiny with limited stock which is balanced by the customer service.

Lion Brand

Lion Brand

You know all those fisherman’s knit sweaters that called for Lion Brand Yarn. Or afghan patterns or whatever? Lion Brand has a store (not an outlet). Their staff is young, friendly and not a one of them was wearing anything knitted or crocheted. It is the only time I have seen the full color range of several of their yarns as well as being able to touch all the choices on the luxury yarn table.  I bought a project bag made from Hedgehog fabric. What can I say?

Soho Purl

Soho Purl

is located, as you might guess, in SoHo (South of Houston for all of us who are not that familiar with the city). Easy to locate, bright and cheerful – there was a great selection of lace and fingering weight yarns as well as Malbrigo and Cascade for solid quality worsted weight yarns. As you might be able to see, they carry supplies as well for embroidery and quilting in a narrow, but brightly lit shop.

Downtown Yarns

Downtown Yarns

Doesn’t have much on the Web – but it does feature great yarns and Frankie. It turned out to be my favorite store. Not just because it was within five blocks of our hotel, but the staff is international, knowledgeable, sociable continually helping their customers who freely wander in and out. It is a place with obvious regulars who are greeted by name. They stock good quality useful yarns (Brown Sheep, Cascade), needles, books, patterns and a lot of patience.

I purchased the yarn here for the Cheryl Oberle Vest that I have been contemplating for a while.

All together – this week has been a lot of fun.


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10 Responses to Important sites to see

  1. ruth says:

    It was grand fun, wasn’t it? And we scored some real beauties. I’ve never been to School Products, so the next time you come to NYC, we can check that one out. And let’s hope the weather is a bit cooler, too.

  2. Angeluna says:

    What a wonderful day. And The Yarnarian, too. Jealous!!!

  3. Cat says:

    I am jealous – very jealous!

  4. Peregrineknit says:

    I was at both School Products and Habu year ago and again 2 years before that. While close to each other, they weren’t in the same building? Did one move?

  5. Cheryl says:

    I am drooling!

  6. Helen says:

    It is time you had some fun… I wish I was there!

  7. Bob says:

    I’ve obviously roamed the streets of these neighborhoods without ever knowing what was in the shops above ground level. However, a teen-age juvenile delinquent wasn’t doing much shopping back then. Inge arrived in New York when she was 18, but spent most of her time out on Long Island for three years before being swept off her feet by some Air Force dude whom she married.

  8. Tina says:

    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  9. Carmen says:

    I can totally see you with a hedgehog project bag.

  10. Isobel says:

    Incredible! I think I’ll say for letter for when I’m in the City next. Probably not for a long, long time but one never knows.

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