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  1. What do PDHA have to do with the veteran I see 2 5 10 20 years later claiming his back hurts because of his Afghani service?

  2. Please know that I pray for you every day. I want you and those around
    you to come home safe and sound.

    Best wishes and a hug thrown in,

  3. I hope you enjoyed the IDF impact, and that you are out of there now. I am very interested in how you do PDHA so I hereby send you some clean energy attached to this mail, to refill your computer.

  4. And then there is the PDHRA.

    Are they going to put you back on AD for a day to do the bit that can’t be done in less than 90 days?

  5. And since hardly anyone trusts the computers to keep their data unchanged and secure from mishap, the trees still die, printers get workouts, backup media is sold, and folks carry around way too much paperwork “just in case.”

  6. Amen, Holly! We are spending a lot of time on people who sprained an ankle or had a few nights’ worth of trouble falling asleep, and the suicide rate is still through the roof. What the heck is going on?!

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