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  1. I loved Vienna. It’s on our list to visit again; last time was in the 70s. Sounds like you are having a nice time.

  2. Not sure if Klimt is still on exhibit at the Belvedere. If so quite worth the ride out there.

  3. My college buddy- GI now @ Pitt after I left it and good friends/neighbors with my HS bestie FP- is in Vienna now with his wife showing us FB all lovely dining/drinking nooks across Vienna. Doubt he’s there for your conference- IBD guru and never mentioned any emerging dz interest last dinner party together.

  4. You hit on one of my sore spots, Free Drinks ! it would seem that when I quit drinking booze, a seemingly bountiful supply was offered to me free from everywhere. Oh well, the upside to abstinence made it all worth it..

  5. Sounds like a good meeting and a good city. We were in Vienna for only 3 days last summer. I’d love to go back. I almost positive that my paternal grandparents came from there but there wasn’t time to track them down.

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