Ice Fern

Beautiful to see, even displaying its art on my car windshield

and on the sides, rear windows and body of the car

Yes, it was cold. Below freezing for more than a few minutes with patches of iceĀ  on the drive, black ice on the road and a few bruises on me for not paying attention.

Seventh Night

Seventh Night

at home, finally after a conference call kept me till close to 2000.

The advantage to conference calls over, let us say, video conferences, should be obvious. Multi-tasking should be possible and progress can be made on baby sweaters. The little dear has not yet arrived, so I might just have a few days.

more than half way

more than half way

I weighed the remaining yarn and have more than enough to finish and make a matching hat. I suppose socks should be in order too?

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3 Responses to Ice Fern

  1. AlisonH says:

    That’s an adorable baby sweater. And the ice? The artwork of G_D. Beautiful.

    Happy Hannukah. (Take care of yourself, no more slipping around, okay? Ice is a spectator, not contact sport.)

  2. The cat says:

    Absolutely – the rear paws on a new infant need to be kept warm – and stay off the ice please or you may not be able to knit!

  3. I adore the colours of that baby sweater! Lovely ice art! And please be careful on those roads.

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