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  1. You are a brave and admirable woman! Shel and I once grabbed the wrong train coming home from New York. We had to get out at Secaucus. Between us, we had 1/2 bottle of water, 4 cough drops and a couple of pieces of gum. We figured we could tough it out until our correct train came. But you should have heard the crazed type A people who also got on the wrong train. What a commotion. We just hung out and chatted with relaxed folks. It was an adventure.

  2. Nerve-wracking and frustrating – yes. But…at least you were able to communicate with the crucial people in the crucial language(s).

    You get a big POSITIVELY AWESOME! from me for that.

  3. These things drive me bats. I’m always in fear of getting on the wrong bus/train and going in the wrong direction.

    I’m glad you’re home, safe and sound.

  4. “All those hours, perhaps completely wasted…..”
    Not wasted.
    You experienced a train conductor with compassion and common sense.
    Free entertainment with the lost ticket drama.
    And a husband who reaffirmed – not that it was necessary – that he is a good guy and makes it easier for you with a train station pick-up.

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