I did this because?

As I am sitting in Heathrow T5 for hours on end I am wondering at why I did this to myself.

Oh, right! $600 savings, that is why. Changing planes was cheaper than a direct flight, especially with only 7 days advanced purchase (and a return date more than 1 month in the future). Thinking about it now, I should have taken the puddle jumper to Philadelphia and then Singapore Airlines, but I didn’t.

Anyway – somehow I missed read the time I got in vs the time my flight departed. We arrived ~ 1100 after circling London a few times on the flight path merry-go-round. My outbound flight was 1645. That is almost 6 hours – and Ocean Nessie – complete with beads

one more Nessie

in sport weight Monarch

was finished and I was out of knitting.

Can you believe it? The woman who always travels with 4-5 times the number of knitting projects that could ever be completed was out of yarn! I wasn’t out of reading material and after trawling through the shops it became obvious that I was not purchasing anything (sorry, but L465 for a leather iPad cover is really stretching it, even if it is by Mulberry. At least in the opinion of someone who bought a great padded leather case for her iPad on sale at less than 30$US).

I read from London to Frankfurt. Took the train from Frankfurt to Mannheim and actually managed to connect to the WiFi – letting my three at home know that I was on my way.

Exhausted, I got off the S-Bahn connection from Mannheim at the Heidelberg Westadt-Suedstadt stop to find Ms Soprano and the Gwennie waiting for me. Hiking home in the dark (now going on 36 hours of wakefulness) I was more than grateful for the company and someone else to carry the back-pack and computer bag. The Gwen behaved like a perfect lady on the leash which was good because there is no way that I could have held on should she have bolted.

Being home, in my own bed is wonderful.

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4 Responses to I did this because?

  1. AlisonH says:

    Out of yarn?! The mind boggles.

  2. Holly says:

    I completed blew it. Especially since I had purchased an extra ball at A C Moores (along with the Nessie beads) on the way to the airport – then put it in my checked luggage!

  3. Carmen says:

    I found a teeny crochet hook in the bedding – you must have brought a spare!
    So, how many beads does Heathrow have?

  4. ruth says:

    No knitting? That’s entirely unfair. How else do we survive airports and being squooshed in a plane?

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