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Household Oddities – the year was 2008 — 9 Comments

  1. My mother, of most sainted and hilarious memory, used to date all her canned and boxed ingredients. On Passover, she’d save her spices from one year to the next. I swear that her cinnamon was at least 10 years old. So one year, the Hubz put some interesting dates on some of her canned good, e.g. 1867. The Mommie laughed with the rest of us. So in my dotage, I find I date everything, too. My favorite is dating a bag of toilet paper to see just how long 12 rolls last us. My mother would be howling with laughter.

  2. It’s a bit amazing what we sometimes find in our pantry, and how old it must be.

    We make popcorn routinely on the stovetop. I use a deep skillet and olive oil. It makes the best popcorn…

  3. In the hospital four years ago they casually mentioned after the fact that my popcorn days were over, and I almost objected more to that than to the colectomy. Sort of.

  4. I can’t see how popcorn is an insult to cookware – unless you burned it…

    Heavens. By the time you are ready to move, the kitchen will be no problem at all!

  5. But I had my popcorn!
    “much healthier than Gummi Bears”
    I suppose you have to decide what you’re going to get between your teeth. 🙂

    I started to clean out my “study” aka stash room. Amazing what yarn I found. Fortunately there is no “sell by” date. After all, stash improved with aging.

  6. San Francisco recently instituted a citywide ban on plastic bags, then started charging a ten-cent fee for the paper bags you have to use instead. The idea is to promote reusable bags, but the law is also designed to rid the city of plastic litter—this would benefit the environment, because paper bags are considered more ecologically friendly. Right? Not quite.

    • Right, just like all those people who believe that wood-burning stoves are environmentally friendly. Not considering at all the cost of the cut wood and all the waste products that go up the chimney. Purpose made re-useable bags of recycled materials might be about the best. Only topped by home made sacks of repurposed fabrics.

  7. 1) book a cruise

    2) throw everything out but about 5-10 items

    3) and then pick up duffle bag with clothes for the ship and leave
    no one will ever know or think it was you

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