fraid there will not be photos today. It is not that it is Sunday and everything is closed. (Except for the museum which is closed for two weeks on another account). It is because the wind has been blowing, the sky overcast and the sea a bit rough. Enough so that instead of docking, the ship is at anchor and we came in by tender. I was not about to try and haul along the laptop, settling instead for my very portable iPad.

It really is too bad, there is a wonderful looking yarn store here which I would have loved to visit.

No free internet cafes either, but the Artic Suvenier Shop has wifi for a price much much less than that of the ship.

I have finished the back of my sweater and now am on the left front. I need a break from blue, so will switch to the vest again for a day.

Did I mention the town is small and the streets rolled up. Or that the lovely woman in the Information location was wonder and loves it here in the north saying it is a good and safe place to raise a family?

Off to face a tender full of white faced elderly cruise commrades….

(photos added 8 June 2010)

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