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Honningsvag, it’s not — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for making the effort to combat the wind!

    Apparently other ‘fun things to do’ there are:

    Step inside the Artico Ice Bar where everything is entirely made from natural ice. The igloo, the sledges, images projected onto snow screens and the lights and sounds further add to a totally unique arctic experience.
    Join a king crab safari for the ultimate deep sea adventure. Pull some crab pots and get up close with the monstrous creatures from the depths of the Barents Sea.
    Are you looking to learn more about Honningsvåg and other surroundings towns or how people have managed to survive at 71° N for over 8,000 years? Then the Nordkappmuseet, the North Cape Museum is the place for you!

  2. Are you going to get some shots at midnight Fri?
    Are they having a pagan festival…as in sans-clothing ?
    About how high above the horizon is the sun at midnight? (Simple way to tell, make a fist and extend your arm. Lower part of hand at the horizon, the fist is typically 10 degrees. )

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