Home again

Most of the time, you hear me complain about journeys; this time it went rather smoothly.

The Mole came out of his cave to give me a hug goodbye, it was a nice walk to the train station. Arriving early enough, I caught the S2 promptly and an earlier ICE at Mannheim. There was  a seat on the train just waiting for me and a stop at the USO netted me a book to read on the train. Only three of the 20 books I had dropped off last time were still on the shelf. Unfortunately, few people, if any, seem to bother to go to Bookcrossing and make journal entries.

Security said nothing about all my knitting needles, extra cables or computer equipment in my carry-on at either the airport location or the second screening for the UK flights. The flight was fine, not full. The long term parking Custom Service issued me a new ticket when I could not find mine (pre-paying parking at Heathrow is the only way to go) and there were no traffic jams on the way home.

Ms Soprano had cleaned up the kitchen, including the dishes and recycling before leaving (she flew back to the US last Friday) and even left me a comment so I knew where to find one of the slithering tape measures. The Avatars show up in my dashboard, but not, apparently, where you can see them complete with new hair cut and color.

Ms Soprano

Ms Soprano

Women’s Textured Vest

This is the Fall KAL for one of the Ravelry Vest groups – Cascade’s Greenland Sleeveless Textured Pullover which is even available as a free download linked from the above page.

Textured Vest

Textured Vest

The actual color is dark orange. It is not for me – which should not be a surprise. The yarn is Smart from Sandnes, the needles are 4.00 and I am past the split for the front and back. Suddenly deciding that it would be smarter to knit both the front and back at the same time, I added on the second ball and will move on to three tomorrow so that both fronts are the same as well.


Finished Back on Blossom Street and moved on to Press Enter by John Varley (cheep download a number of weeks back from iTunes).

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3 Responses to Home again

  1. Carmen says:

    First day of the semester for Ms Soprano,. The weather is cooler – Autumn? Perhaps, but in the flip-floppy way: Yesterday was kinda toasty. Our schedules allow us to drive in to the College together each day, leaving the house at 8:15, so I can get in to work before 9. The cut and color look great — very fun!

  2. Ruth says:

    The picture of Ms Soprano is refusing to ’embiggen’ so I cannot comment upon that which I cannot see! YOu have managed to completely surprise me…I never enviosned you as a reading of the ‘Blossom Street’ books! Good thing I was sitting down…

  3. Nina says:

    Actually, that avatar is from waaaay back in May. It was after I got the first haircut in time for the wedding.

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