Holding in the lounge

Off the ship, through picking up passport and onto the bus after collecting luggage. 

Spent about three hours seeing Dubai.  There has been an amazing amount of construction since the last time I was here, but most things haven’t changed.  Almost 85% of the population consists of guest workers and ex-pats.  They work, pay taxes, can’t buy property and normally have to leave around age 65 since government pensions/support don’t go to non-citizens. 

The buildings are sand coloured or shine with glass. Trim and arches are what most of us think of as either Moorish or Arabic in style.  The Atlantis Hotel here is similar to that in Nassau. The malls are huge, shiny and full of both high end and normal chains. Think M&S rubbing elbows with Fendi and sprinkled with religious textile/tailor shops.

Since finishing the tour have been hanging out at the airport waiting on that three hour prior mark to check in and exit through passport control and security to search for the gate in yet another shopping area.  This one comes complete with palm trees (live) and stores handling everything from clothing to household electronics.  Think ovens, microwaves, washers and freezers. 

Found the lounge, wifi, food and water.  Now just another wait till my flight takes off.

Did I mention that is about 0230?

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