Hitchhats and Ruffles

Since I am trying to catch up on projects – it just seemed easiest to post here in addition to Ravelry and not drop emails in everyone’s box since about half the people on my email letter are not knitters.


I am still in love with this pattern by Martina Behm. Her patterns are clear, fun and well worth purchasing. (at which point I found a pattern I don’t have by double checking the link. It just went in the queue since it looks like a great way to use up all that fun sock yarn that I have).

Anywho –

Hitchhat - recycled self striping yarn

HItchhat – recycled self striping yarn

I had four 100 gm balls of sock yarn that I frogged out of a Drops Sweater (2009) that I really, really didn’t like.

This hat is the Hitchhat, knit in one piece flat then grafted together at the end eliminating all sewing which makes me more than happy. Knit of 70 stitches on 2.5 needles it is a comfortable, close fitting hat that I think is going to be great for fall/winter hikes and jogging. Keeps the head warm with no excess fabric.

really long scarf - same yarn

really long scarf – same yarn

While on the Constellation, I knit “Just Enough Ruffles” out of Schoppel Gradient after falling in love with the idea at a Saturday Strikktreff. But I have all this sock yarn in just my colors (see hat above). Taking the pattern which called for 200 stitches in worsted weight, I started with 300 in sock weight, then changed to 10 stitches for the short row increases. Started with ~100-150 in the middle after the garterstitch edge. When all the short rows are complete it got insane. 3:1 increase meant almost 900 stitches for about six rows before knitting a garter edging and binding off. I thought I was never going to get it finished.

just enough ruffles.

just enough ruffles.

But stretched out – it is about 2 meters long and almost 20 cm wide in the center section. It wraps around my neck at least three times with nice ends to tuck in.

If I do it again, I will knit a couple of extra garter ridges and on a smaller needle than I use for the body just to insure the edge doesn’t roll. Option would be 6-8 rows of ribbing which might work even better.

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