HIgh Tea

The loyalty club on Celebrity is called the Captain’s Club. The levels are similar to other cruise companies in terms of how much you have to cruise to reach comparable levels. Along with a series of events, there is usually a booklet or sheet or something of discounts on various activities. These can range from free internet minutes and laundry to meals in the specialty restaurants to discounts in the logo shops and spa. Oh, yes – can’t forget the various chances to spend money on bingo or in the casino.

In this case, a free bag of laundry, an item dry cleaned, 90 minutes of free internet seemed to be the highlights on the list. I appreciate 2/1 meals or other similar choices and completely ignore those that involve jewelry, “art” or gambling.

On the events list, the morning breakfast that includes specialty coffees is a winner considering that there is no concierge lounge with all day access to an expresso machine. The evening cocktail hour is much more limited (1700-1900) than that of Royal while the beverage selection seems quite similar. Otherwise, there are tours, welcome back parties.

And a high tea. I had heard about it from others. A nice afternoon formal tea with the appropriate cucumber sandwiches, scones and actual real brewed tea. I had been looking forward to it. I would even show you pictures.

That would be if I had placed it in my phone with an alarm or checked my list this morning or remembered before 1700. It was over at 1600…….

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