Hidden Object

When I am completely brain fried – I revert to computer games.

Normally I am a fan of the Match 3 variety which can provide hours of mind numbing entertainment while successfully avoiding doing anything productive. Honestly, I do not consider running up scores as productive. Especially I am a fan of those which can be played in relaxed mode so that there is no pressure, no clock running and the ability to win if I stick to it long enough.

Ms Maus has always preferred Time Management and Hidden Object games. The first I simply don’t get, they are stressful and put on pressure. I am playing games to wind down, not up. In the case of the second, there is this slight issue of visual ability.

Most of the time, I simply can’t see those hidden objects no matter how hard I look.To top it off, many of them combine those hidden things with Rube Goldberg Puzzles which must be solved. Yes, I can do them. No, I don’t find them at all fun.

All of this is presented to you as background and might explain why I am sitting here bemused, working my way through the Mystery Case Files – downloaded from Big Fish Games.

Go figure – a different type of time waster, but time waster they most definitely are.

I really should be knitting, but I have only one more stage on Huntsville…..

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2 Responses to Hidden Object

  1. ruth says:

    Which games? I’m hooked on Farmville, and Cafe, and Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.

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