Heritage Day

It is amazing how quickly you can get over yourself. All it takes is a deep breath, a thought back to the signs that have been posted for weeks and a realization that no one else thinks you are the center of the Universe. In fact, you are probably not on anyone’s radar screen.

So it really is your own fault that you forgot that today was Heritage Day. No one deliberately set it up so that you could not drive out of your road, do your grocery shopping or fill your car with gas. I knew about this somewhere in the back of my mind. But I just hadn’t had it settle through with the implications.

Think open house with military displays. People, strollers and dogs are everywhere. Certainly there is no way to easily drive a car through the milling crowds.

Crowds of people

There was music –


There were people milling around everywhere

People wandering in front of Old College

Military Toys and Demos

Kids Climbing TanksCommand Post

and more fun for small children

Bounce Time

With my fun meter pegged, I went back to the laundry and my knitting not returning for the 1600 musical finale. It didn’t rain, but close.


As it grows, rows take longer and longer. I had forgotten that about shawls. I think I would rather cast on hundreds of stitches and have each row grow shorter. You can’t be in doubt about your amount of yarn, but still….
Progess on the Diamond Shawl

And tomorrow is back to work, clean clothes but no mowing or vacuuming.

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2 Responses to Heritage Day

  1. Turtle says:

    laughing at the whole bigger growing rows on the shawls, i am on that as we speak, yikes, taking 25 minutes per row! The military pics are cool. We had some war re-enactments not far from here this past weekend. They are cool to watch. We just had armed forces day not too long back. The town i work in has the largest parade nation wide for this. Cannot help but make you feel proud and patriotic!

  2. Turtle says:

    hey holly. she will luckily be staying home for the two years, which is good as her mom…me…smile, is not ready for the alternative yet!

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